Welcome to IsBrave.com!

We are determined to be a one stop destination website for all your prosthetic needs with information, articles, news and more
to help you navigate the world of prosthetics!

Since we are prosthetic users ourselves, we know how much of a challenge the daily lives with prosthetics can be.
What we have learned on our journey with prosthetics is that many are not informed of all innovation, advanced prosthetics etc that is available to every patient.

And why is that?

Our mission with isbrave.com is to educate and inform every prosthetic user to make more informed decisions when choosing your prosthetic, whether it’s a leg or tooth prosthetic we have information about the specific need.

As a last note, becoming a prosthesis user can abruptly and quickly change a persons life to the extreme, BUT WE KNOW that life still can be great and amazing!
Life consist of challenges and prosthetics is one that needs to be conquered with consistent education, rehabilitation, workouts and also getting in a good state of mind.


Disclaimer: We do our best to keep all information and articles up to date but since the world of prosthetics is constantly
changing and for that reason information, also sometimes gets outdated. If you would read any text that is outdated please contact us
and we will update the page as quick as possible.

Since we are doing this unpaid, there can be affiliate links on some pages, where we would get a small percentage if/or when someone buys a product.
This is enabling us to keep the website running and keep educating you, the reader.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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Jonas Torrang, Co-founder

Where are we located?

IsBrave.com is run by Cornvinus Trading Ltd. Our address is: Level 3 (Suite No. 2052), Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, BKR 4013, Malta.